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Equal rights for everyone!

We are glad to see here all members of LGBT community who wish to complete their families. Welcome to Gay Parenting Forum! We appreciate that you are here and hope that our forum will help you in solving your problems and sharing your ideas. You can discuss all questions that you are interested in on our forum, receive answers, support and understanding. You can also meet new people and maybe even your soul mate who is still in searching.

We know that each forum has a long list of its rules. We will not pay much attention to them and set only a few of them:

  1. Spammers are not allowed here.
  2. Don’t post here anything that is illegal.
  3. Be polite and respectful to each other!

It is well known that Italy is not a gay friendly country. Italian government doesn’t give equal rights to all gays. We all know how it is important for the person to be married, to have his own children, in other words to have his own full family! But as we said Italy is not so friendly concerning the gay rights and neither gay adoption nor gay marriages are allowed in Italy. But there was a case that became the first step to improving things – the first, marriage was registered in Italy. Gay couple got married in 2012 in New York but their marriage wasn’t recognized! They sue and in the result their marriage was officially recognized.

So we will hope that soon the government of Italy will allow gay marriages. But what about children? There are several ways for solving this problem: surrogacy and adoption.

Presently gay marriages are not allowed and gay individuals cannot adopt a child. But they can go to another country and adopt a child there. Except adoption gay couples can use the procedure of surrogate motherhood. They can go to the country where this procedure is legal and as the result become happy parents.

You can talk about this on our forum where there are a lot of members who either would like to become parents or enjoy the life of full happy family. You can also talk on other themes, find new people and just enjoy staying here. In any case you are welcome!

Wish you to become a full family!

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